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Hajók: 1 - 20, összesen 175

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Broker/Shipyard/Dealer:   Sea Independent  
Pershing 72, Motorjacht Pershing 72 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Pershing 72

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 390,873,600 (€ 1.280.000)

Engine: 2 x MTU 1823HP.

The Pershing 72 needs no introduction, designed by Fulvio De Simoni with an interior every bit as ic...

Hossz: 22.00 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2009
Sunreef 60 LOFT, Multihull zeilboot Sunreef 60 LOFT hirdető:  Sea Independent

Sunreef 60 LOFT

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 455,001,300 (€ 1.490.000)

Engine: 2 x 110HP Yanmar. Jetset is a virtually brand new, fully loaded, Sunreef 60 LOFT built in 2016. Ideally suited for privat...

Hossz: 18.00 m
Tipus: Multihull zeilboot
Évjárat: 2016
Jeanneau 57, Zeiljacht Jeanneau 57 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Jeanneau 57

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 129,838,645 ($ 495.000)

A fully equipped and immaculately kept Jeanneau 57 comes to the market. She is the three cabin version with the master cabin aft t...

Hossz: 17.40 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2010
Dufour 45 Performance, Zeiljacht Dufour 45 Performance hirdető:  Sea Independent

Dufour 45 Performance

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 48,859,200 (€ 160.000)

ELEGANCE AND POWER: PERFECTION? The streamlined Dufour 45E Performance elegantly leaves other category models behind. The fru...

Hossz: 13.95 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2008
Sensation 125, Superjacht zeil Sensation 125 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Sensation 125

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 773,785,862 ($ 2.950.000)

Engine: 2 x 680 HP. S/Y Philkade is a Custom aluminum 125 Ft sloop designed by Dubois Naval Architects, built by Sensation Yachts ...

Hossz: 38.00 m
Tipus: Superjacht zeil
Évjárat: 1987
Sunbeam 44, Zeiljacht Sunbeam 44 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Sunbeam 44

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 50,386,050 (€ 165.000)

The described sailing-yacht Sunbeam 44, designed and built by the most famous and prestigious shipyard from Mattsee/ Austria was c...

Hossz: 13.40 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2000
St.Malo Pilot Cutter, Klassiek scherp jacht St.Malo Pilot Cutter hirdető:  Sea Independent

St.Malo Pilot Cutter

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 229,027,500 (€ 750.000)

Pilot cutters have a proud and charismatic history, they stir the soul of all who sail them, built with performance in mind by and...

Hossz: 22.86 m
Tipus: Klassiek scherp jacht
Évjárat: 2012
Peter Norlin Sailing Cruiser, Zeiljacht Peter Norlin Sailing Cruiser hirdető:  Sea Independent

Peter Norlin Sailing Cruiser

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 267,198,750 (€ 875.000)

S/Y Caprice was built by the Jacobsson Brothers in Dragsmark, on the west coast of Sweden, during the years 1986-1988. She is desi...

Hossz: 24.08 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1985
ALUQA Abalone 48, Speed- en sportboten ALUQA Abalone 48 hirdető:  Sea Independent

ALUQA Abalone 48

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
ár kérésre

ALUQA designed to arrive in style! A trip with the ALUQA is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The innovative design and ...

Hossz: 14.50 m
Tipus: Speed- en sportboten
Évjárat: 2018
Hallberg Rassy 412, Zeiljacht Hallberg Rassy 412 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Hallberg Rassy 412

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 132,835,950 (€ 435.000)

The new model Hallberg-Rassy 412 is the largest aft cockpit Hallberg-Rassy ever built. She offers the option of twin aft cabins, t...

Hossz: 12.62 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2013
Solaris 70, Zeiljacht Solaris 70 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Solaris 70

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 229,027,500 (€ 750.000)

This Solaris 70 is fully equipped and immediately available. The yacht was 2012/2013 refitted extensively in Knierim in Kiel. SY O...

Hossz: 21.50 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1997
Princess 67, Motorjacht Princess 67 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Princess 67

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 229,027,500 (€ 750.000)

Fitting into the Princess flybridge range, between the 64 and 72 Motor Yacht, the Princess 68 enjoys the highest level of internal...

Hossz: 20.45 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2007
Irwin 68, Zeiljacht Irwin 68 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Irwin 68

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 83,936,093 ($ 320.000)

Ted Irwin was the chief designer, company owner, and did the bulk of the research and development. He bought everything by the box...

Hossz: 20.72 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1987
Cape Scott Pilothouse, Motorjacht Cape Scott Pilothouse hirdető:  Sea Independent

Cape Scott Pilothouse

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 695,095,774 ($ 2.650.000)

This world cruising, trawler-style vessel utilizes state of the art fuel efficient design technology. Extensively model tested at ...

Hossz: 26.21 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2002
J 130, Zeiljacht J 130 hirdető:  Sea Independent

J 130

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 42,141,060 (€ 138.000)

When it was introduced, the 43' J/130 became the flagship of J/ Boats' new "decimeter series" which then consisted of the 33' J/10...

Hossz: 13.00 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1995
ICE 60, Zeiljacht ICE 60 hirdető:  Sea Independent

ICE 60

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 282,467,250 (€ 925.000)

Engine: 75 HP. The latest Humberto Felci designed racer/cruiser from the successful ICE yachts yard in Italy. She is based on the ...

Hossz: 17.99 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2018
Bill Dixon Cruiser, Superjacht zeil Bill Dixon Cruiser hirdető:  Sea Independent

Bill Dixon Cruiser

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 1,755,877,500 (€ 5.750.000)

SHOGUN (formerly YII), is a 37.00m (121' 4") superyacht built by Holland Jachtbouw in 2006. Presently she is undergoing a total re...

Hossz: 37.00 m
Tipus: Superjacht zeil
Évjárat: 2006
Baglietto 36.7, Superjacht motor Baglietto 36.7 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Baglietto 36.7

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 436,679,100 (€ 1.430.000)

Engine: 2 x 2270 HP. The name of this yacht is Obsesion and it means obsession in Spanish. This super yacht guarantees your experi...

Hossz: 36.70 m
Tipus: Superjacht motor
Évjárat: 1990
Custom Freemantle Expedition, Motorjacht Custom Freemantle Expedition hirdető:  Sea Independent

Custom Freemantle Expedition

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 364,597,406 ($ 1.390.000)

After a rugged career as a commercial fishing vessel working in and around the waters of New Zealand, Ren Rose (ex. Mutual Enterpr...

Hossz: 32.00 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2012
Amel Super Maramu 2000, Zeiljacht Amel Super Maramu 2000 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Amel Super Maramu 2000

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent

"Amel Super Maramu 53" has the same functional layout for which all Amels are known. Starting forward the guest stateroom features...

Hossz: 16.00 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2000