De Vries Lentsch Lemsteraak 1623

De Vries Lentsch Lemsteraak 1623 - Ft 186,690,000 (€ 600.000)

Built by De Vries Lentsch in 1947 - The Netherlands. Steel hull and superstructure. This traditional flat bottom "Lemsteraak" type sailing yacht underwent a full to new rebuild to now-a-days technical standards and total comfort captured in her charming traditional shell with rich handcrafted decorations. The perfect way to discover the Dutch inner sea, picturesque harbour towns and northern wetlands “Waddenzee” with her beautiful islands, shallow waters and to enjoy the quietness of pure nature from her spacious sheltered tovább cockpit. While at the same time she is a fantastic fast sailing yacht ready to compete in the regatta scene following her new Hoek sail plan. The ideal family yacht for even shorthanded sailing and the connaisseur appreciating the unique Dutch heritage from the famous De Vries Lentsch yard, that built amongst HRH flat bottom yacht "Groene Draeck". Reasonable price.

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Hivatkozási szám:16.025
Hajógyár:De Vries Lentsch
Tipus:Sailing Yacht
Ár:Ft 186,690,000 (€ 600.000)
Hajótest anyaga:Wood
Jacht broker:Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts
Változó merülés:nem
Hossz:16.23 m
Szélesség:5.06 m
Merülés:1.20 m
Leirás:De Vries Lentsch Lemmeraak 1623
Jacht broker:Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts
Cim:Hellingstraat 30
Irányitószám:1398 AW
Telefon:+31 (0)294 261264

ár: Ft 186,690,000 (€ 600.000)

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16.23 m

Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts

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Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts
Hellingstraat 30
1398 AW Muiden

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