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Broker/Shipyard/Dealer:   Sea Independent  
Contest 50CS, Zeiljacht Contest 50CS hirdető:  Sea Independent

Contest 50CS

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 154,514,250 (€ 495.000)

Engine: Yanmar 100 hp. A very fine example of a luxurious and easy sailing cruiser. Very well equipped and maintained, all sails a...

Hossz: 14.99 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2006
Bering 130, Motorjacht Bering 130 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Bering 130

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
ár kérésre

Bering Yachts proudly announces the Bering 130 (40 meters) as its newest Expedition Series model and flagship of the Bering fleet....

Hossz: 40.20 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2019


Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 390,187,500 (€ 1.250.000)

Engine: Perkins 130 HP Diesel engine new in 2006. Halcyon was commissioned by the Lancashire industrialist Sir Samuel Turner in 19...

Hossz: 29.00 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1929
Multipurpose Expedition & Research Vessel, Motorjacht Multipurpose Expedition & Research Vessel hirdető:  Sea Independent

Multipurpose Expedition & Research Ves...

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 121,738,500 (€ 390.000)

Engine: Cummins 6 CTA 8.3 M, 255 bHp at 1800 rpm. Mira is built for adventure and challenges, she can handle grounding with full s...

Hossz: 14.80 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2001
Johan Anker Int.10M Class, Zeiljacht Johan Anker Int.10M Class hirdető:  Sea Independent

Johan Anker Int.10M Class

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 163,878,750 (€ 525.000)

Engine: Yanmar 75Hp. Lasse was launched in August 1940 in Stubbekøbing, when her hull was registered. Her story has not bee...

Hossz: 18.25 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1940
Glass Bottom Boat, Motorjacht Glass Bottom Boat hirdető:  Sea Independent

Glass Bottom Boat

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 74,916,000 (€ 240.000)

Engine: VOLVO PENTA D6 370 hp. Depart from the pier and dive headfirst into your ocean adventure. Embark your stylish glass-bottom...

Hossz: 13.50 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2011
Lagoon 450, Multihull zeilboot Lagoon 450 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Lagoon 450

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 134,224,500 (€ 430.000)

Engine: 2 x 54HP Yanmar. The 450 is larger than it’s predecessor and has a bigger sail area. You can choose a 3 or 4 cabin v...

Hossz: 13.96 m
Tipus: Multihull zeilboot
Évjárat: 2011
ATLANTIS 42, Motorjacht ATLANTIS 42 hirdető:  Sea Independent


Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 49,631,850 (€ 159.000)

Engine: Volvo Penta D6310 EVPDC . This beautiful and spacious Italian designed yacht (Azimut / Benetti Group) is fully equipe...

Hossz: 12.50 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2007
Solarwind 52XP Zero Emission Catamaran, Motorjacht Solarwind 52XP Zero Emission Catamaran hirdető:  Sea Independent

Solarwind 52XP Zero Emission Catamaran

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 238,326,525 (€ 763.500)

Engine: 2 x 20 KW e-motors. Solarwind 52 PX zero emission catamaran Waterverplaatsing: 11000, Merk: 2 Main engines 9 kw, Accommod...

Hossz: 18.60 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2017
Aprea Mare Maestro 65, Motorjacht Aprea Mare Maestro 65 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Aprea Mare Maestro 65

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 279,374,250 (€ 895.000)

Engine: Brand MAN Number 2 Rating kW/hp 809/1100 at 2300rpm Model D2840LE423 V10-1100. From the historical, Sorrento-based boat ya...

Hossz: 19.60 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2008
Zaca 73, Klassiek scherp jacht Zaca 73 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Zaca 73

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 465,103,500 (€ 1.490.000)

Engine: 228 HP. This beautiful Van Meer design blends classic features with modern technology and workmanship. An aluminium stunn...

Hossz: 25.83 m
Tipus: Klassiek scherp jacht
Évjárat: 2006
Barracuda XSV 17, Motorjacht Barracuda XSV 17 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Barracuda XSV 17

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 399,552,000 (€ 1.280.000)

Thunder Child is an XSV 17 ex demonstrator launched in late December 2016. The vessel has been used as a demonstrator, and to set ...

Hossz: 17.90 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2016
RSC 1900, Zeiljacht RSC 1900 hirdető:  Sea Independent

RSC 1900

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 577,477,500 (€ 1.850.000)

Engine: Engine (Volvo Penta) 150kw. The RSC1900 is developed for the most demanding yachtsmen, who aim for a distinguishing styl...

Hossz: 19.15 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2018
Jongert 2000 MY, Motorjacht Jongert 2000 MY hirdető:  Sea Independent

Jongert 2000 MY

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 290,299,500 (€ 930.000)

Engine: 2 x MTU GR - 183 -AA62. RAIATEA is an unusual Jongert, with an unique design for an owner with exceptional requirements. J...

Hossz: 19.03 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 1996
alku alatt
Bestevaer 76S, Zeiljacht Bestevaer 76S hirdető:  Sea Independent

Bestevaer 76S

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 273,131,250 (Onder bod)

Engine: 1x, Steyr 166hp Engine. AURELIUS a Bestevaer 76S Sloop is a swift and elegant classical cruiser from the famous Naval Arch...

Hossz: 23.20 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 2004
Bayliner 300 Ciera Sunbridge, Motorjacht Bayliner 300 Ciera Sunbridge hirdető:  Sea Independent

Bayliner 300 Ciera Sunbridge

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 21,538,350 (€ 69.000)

Engine: Mercruiser 4.3 v6 MPI B3. Bayliner 300 was introduced in 2008 as Bayliner's most advanced twin-motor cruiser. She has ...

Hossz: 9.37 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2008
Hatteras 70 Flybridge, Motorjacht Hatteras 70 Flybridge hirdető:  Sea Independent

Hatteras 70 Flybridge

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 123,611,400 (€ 396.000)

Engine: 2 Detriot Diesel 870HP. Well built, huge family yacht. She features walk around decks and an impressive interior. Spica ha...

Hossz: 21.48 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 1989
Trintella 47, Zeiljacht Trintella 47 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Trintella 47

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 113,934,750 (€ 365.000)

Engine: 1x Yanmar 4JH2-TBE, 80Hp. "QUO VADIS" is a custom build Trintella 47. This unique ship gives you all the luxury ...

Hossz: 14.40 m
Tipus: Zeiljacht
Évjárat: 1999
Fairline 58 Squadron, Motorjacht Fairline 58 Squadron hirdető:  Sea Independent

Fairline 58 Squadron

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 123,299,250 (€ 395.000)

Engine: 2 x Caterpillar 340 E, 810 HP. Beautifully presented Fairline Squadron 58, a huge list of upgrades and improvements, AC an...

Hossz: 17.55 m
Tipus: Motorjacht
Évjárat: 2003
Knysna 500, Multihull zeilboot Knysna 500 hirdető:  Sea Independent

Knysna 500

Összes eladó hajó Sea Independent
Ft 188,882,188 ($ 745.000)

Engine: 2x 54hp Yanmar/Volvo diesel saildrives. Knysna Yacht is a boutique builder that cranks out about four Knysna 500s each yea...

Hossz: 15.24 m
Tipus: Multihull zeilboot
Évjárat: 2014